Holistic Recipes Refined By Four Generations Of Women

Experience tradition with organic products that enhance your hair and skin

Four generations. That’s how long it took us to refine our product recipes. Trust us, you feel the effort and compassion as soon as our organic hair care products and natural skincare products make contact with your skin. We’ve modernized our recipes for the modern age of beauty (no, you can’t download our products through a screen). With Sugar Town Organics, it’s easier than ever to incorporate au natural ingredients into your hair and skin-care routines. You don’t need a yacht to experience luxury. Sugar Town Organics’ products are lavish – without the price tag. We believe that ordinary people (well, you’re extraordinary) should experience occasional lavishness. Sit back, relax, and apply our products as you receive some well-deserved self-love and care while experiencing a sensory journey into our island home. Healing is essential – outside and in. Often, we’re so caught up with our problems and surroundings that we fail to sit down and reflect. What is our purpose? Am I looking after myself? How can I become a better person? We hope that Sugar Town Organics products swing the door of self-healing wide open.

Endless Vivid History In One Recipe

Discover The Rich Story Behind Sugar Town Organics. Since 2010, Sugar Town Organics has kept it in the family. For centuries, our grandmothers, mothers, and daughters passed down holistic healing and wellness mixtures incorporating African and Caribbean medicinal traditions. These mixtures are based on natural and biblical healing principles, with recipes you won’t find anywhere else… … And the same goes for our ingredients. Our tiny island gives us all the organic elements and compounds we need to nourish your hair and skin the way nature intended. We collect raw plant material from our organic garden and organic farms found along the natural agricultural belt which formerly hosted sugar cane fields and plantations. We sit on the base of roving hills that make their way to our volcano – giving them nourishment found only in rich, virgin volcanic soil. Feel and delve into mother nature’s touch every time you use our products. Our production base sits amongst rich tropical rain forests, sun-soaked beaches, a calm ocean breeze, clear blue skies, and nippy mountain air. We try our utmost to encapsulate mother nature’s organic beauty in each cream, moisturizer, shampoo and candle we make. Sugar Town Organics is a mother daughter duo health and wellness company created in 2004. We produce organic products to support good health and wellness goals of the modern family. We craft using fresh, natural, Caribbean indigenous ingredients from the land and sea. At the age of 12 my mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She refused chemo and the associated drugs and as a result was given 4 months to get her affairs in order and then return to the doctor to be made comfortable. My mother was not having that and so she came home and radically changed our lives, what we ate, how we ate it, the products we used and so much more. Over the next four months we saw small changes and at the end of the four months she was cancer free. This journey which started over 20 years ago today set us on a path that has led us to where we are today.

About Our C.E.O

Meet Anastasha Elliott, the award winning powerhouse behind Sugar Town Organics. From journalist to model, teacher to chef, her diverse journey shaped her into a businesswoman and natural health advocate. Anastasha is more than a CEO; she's a champion of sustainable beauty, nutrition, and food security. With Sugar Town Organics, she seamlessly blends family legacy recipes with modern formulations, sourcing botanical ingredients sustainably. Her commitment extends beyond the brand, fostering entrepreneurship, women empowerment, and agricultural innovation. Join her mission for green living, where each product tells a story of herbal culture and remedies. Welcome to a world where passion meets purpose, curated by Anastasha Elliott.

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