Welcome to Sugar Town Organics, where we are dedicated to creating products that promote and support good health and wellness, aiming to bring about transformative innovation to combat the prevalent ailments affecting our society.

Our approach involves combining the power of nature and the traditional practices of the Caribbean to develop beauty and wellness solutions that foster overall well-being. Through our innovative methods, we integrate natural ingredients, herbal remedies, and traditional beauty and dietary practices, establishing an ecosystem that ensures nutrition security, preserves the environment, and promotes regeneration.
With a strong focus on utilizing Caribbean agricultural produce, we not only draw inspiration from the region but also actively contribute to job creation, wealth generation, and cultural revitalization. By doing so, we strive to make a positive impact on both the social and economic aspects of our society.
Our Vision
Welcome to our website, where we are committed to providing value through the production of ethically sourced plant-based products that are environmentally friendly. Our aim is to enhance and support healthy lifestyles with our range of offerings.

Small Batch Authenticity
Crafted in small batches, our products embody the essence of authenticity. We blend the power of nature and traditional practices, drawing inspiration from time-tested teachings and infusing them with the vibrant spirit of Caribbean culture. Every product we create is carefully formulated using natural ingredients that you can easily recognize, reflecting our unwavering commitment to transparency.

With utmost attention and an unwavering passion, we meticulously handcraft each item. When you choose to purchase from us, you are investing in truly artisanal products that will nourish your skin, enhance your hair, and uplift your spirit. We invite you to immerse yourself in our rich culture and traditions as you explore the aromatic profiles of our aromatherapy line. Indulge your taste buds in an exotic adventure with our eclectic range of offerings.

Rest assured, our products are created with love, ensuring both the quality and care that comes from small-scale production.

Say No to GMO!
At Sugar Town Organics, we were founded by a dynamic mother and daughter duo who transformed their available yard space into a flourishing farm. Here, we grow an array of herbs that serve as natural flavor enhancers, provide active extracts, and offer herbal and medicinal elements for many of our products. While we cannot make medicinal claims, we take pride in the quality and purity of our ingredients.

In addition to our own farm, we source produce from esteemed partners such as Green Thumbs Farm and a network of smallholder farms in close proximity to our location. Our unique setting was once home to fertile sugar cane lands, enriched with volcanic minerals, creating a natural agricultural belt. Our dedicated farmers prioritize the health of the soil and the surrounding environment, resulting in fresh, nutrient-rich foods harvested at the peak of ripeness.

We are also proud to support several female farmers, including Faye, Mertrice, and Mrs. Petes, who sell their produce at local markets and roadside stands. We carefully select our suppliers to ensure they align with our organic growing ethos. Moreover, we actively collaborate with female and young male farmers, empowering them to take positive steps, support their families, and contribute to their communities by establishing their own businesses.

Join us in embracing organic, sustainable practices and supporting these inspiring individuals who are making a difference in their communities. Together, let's say no to GMO and embrace a healthier, more ethical way of nourishing ourselves and our loved ones.


Embrace the Power of Nature

At our core, we recognize the immense influence of history, food, and culture in fostering growth and development. The Caribbean, with its vibrant and distinct palette, stands as a mecca of these elements. While our journey has been shaped by a complex history and diverse cultural influences, it has also showcased our strength, creativity, ingenuity and resilience. Drawing from this rich background, we aim to reintroduce and explore our cultural palette, not only in our culinary traditions but also in our daily beauty rituals.

As agro-processors and cosmetic formulators, we have meticulously crafted a range of products that infuse cultural flavors, traditional fruits and vegetables, and elements from our marine environment. Our mission is to revitalize mealtime experiences and redefine beauty in new and intriguing ways.

Led by a mother and daughter duo who firmly believe in the adage "you are what you eat" and that beauty emanates from within, we prioritize using traditional practices in our food creation, nature-based preservatives, avoiding artificial flavors, reducing sugar whenever possible, and incorporating natural colorants. We take pride in crafting our own botanical extracts, hydrosols, cold pressed oils, tinctures, essences, plant powders, and some of our scents, ensuring authenticity and quality in every product.

Furthermore, we are committed to not using sulphites in our wine creations. Instead, we employ organic methods and alternative natural materials to achieve the desired tanning and yeast nutrient. By doing so, we maintain our dedication to providing healthier options without compromising taste or quality.

We understand that your skin, being the largest organ, has the potential to absorb harmful ingredients in the presence of disruptors often found in many products. With this knowledge in mind, we offer a range of products that are not only nourishing and protective but also beneficial to your overall health.

Join us on this journey of embracing the power of nature, where our products serve as a testament to the beauty and vitality that can be found in natural, wholesome ingredients.


Building a Vibrant Caribbean Brand

Our mission is to establish a resilient and dynamic company that proudly represents the Caribbean. We are dedicated to offering beauty and wellness solutions that not only uplift individuals but also invigorate the entire value chain of the agriculture sector across the region. Through our commitment to the people, culture, and food of the Caribbean, we aim to create a lasting entrepreneurial legacy for generations to come.

At our core, we strive to create a strong and vibrant company that embodies the essence of the Caribbean. By utilizing the unique resources and talents found within the region, we are committed to crafting exceptional beauty and wellness solutions that showcase the richness and diversity of Caribbean culture. Our goal is not only to provide products that enhance well-being but also to contribute to the growth and development of the agriculture sector throughout the Caribbean.

We firmly believe that by valuing and promoting the people, culture, and food of the Caribbean, we can create a positive impact that extends beyond our company. We aspire to leave behind a lasting entrepreneurial legacy that will empower future generations and strengthen the economic and social fabric of the region.

Join us on this journey as we celebrate the vibrancy of the Caribbean, nurture its agricultural potential, and create a company that is deeply rooted in the essence of the Caribbean. Together, we can elevate and revitalize the entire value chain while embracing our cultural heritage and paving the way for a prosperous future.


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