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Since 2010, Sugar Town Organics has woven a tapestry of natural beauty and ancestral wisdom, cultivating a legacy passed down through generations. Our holistic healing and wellness mixtures, rooted in African and Caribbean medicinal traditions, are a testament to the enduring power of nature's touch. We invite you to immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience with our new Curated Group Experiences, specially designed for cruise and stayover visitors to our enchanting island. We haven't forgotten our primary base our fellow nationals who benefit from date night formulatiob classes, girls spa night, corporate groups and more. Here is what we offer ...

A Tapestry of Tradition and Innovation

At Sugar Town Organics, tradition meets innovation. Our exclusive recipes, handed down from grandmothers to mothers and daughters, blend natural and biblical healing principles. You won't find these unique formulations anywhere else. Each product is a harmonious fusion of time-honored wisdom and cutting-edge expertise. Learn from our ancestors!

From Our Island to Your Skin

Nestled on our tiny island, Sugar Town Organics draws inspiration from the lush bounty of our surroundings and the spaces that influences our unique culture. Our organic garden and partner farms many along the natural agricultural belt yield raw plant materials, harnessing the essence of our former sugar cane fields and plantations. Positioned at the base of rolling hills that lead to our majestic volcano, our production base benefits from the nutrient-rich embrace of virgin volcanic soil lending natures benefits to each ingredient you will utilize in your creations with us.

Nature's Embrace in Every Drop

Feel the caress of mother nature with every use. Our production base is surrounded by tropical rainforests, sun-soaked beaches, a gentle ocean breeze, clear blue skies, and refreshing mountain air. We strive to encapsulate the organic beauty of our island paradise in each jar of cream, bottle of moisturizer, infusion of shampoo, and flicker of candlelight.

Indulge in Curated Group Experiences

So reach out to us to elevate your island getaway with Sugar Town Organics' Curated Group Experiences. Whether you're arriving on a cruise or planning an extended stay, or are locally based and looking for a group activity for family, friends or your staff our immersive activities will take you on a journey of well-being, blending the tranquility of our surroundings with the therapeutic benefits of our holistic products. From guided nature walks to hands-on workshops, let us tailor an experience that resonates with the essence of our island heritage.

Discover the Difference

Choose Sugar Town Organics for an authentic, rejuvenating experience. Our commitment to organic, locally-sourced ingredients ensures that each product is a celebration of the earth's gifts. Immerse yourself in the legacy of holistic healing, and let Sugar Town Organics be your guide to the natural radiance that awaits.


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