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Sugar Town Organics Brand
Artisanal products infused with age-old Caribbean traditions. Give your features some well deserved tender love and care with our line of shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, and bath products – all incorporating touch therapy, aromatherapy, and penetrative nutrition. Feel immense
pride in your skin and hair again as our formulas soften, protect, and repair your essence.
When you look in the mirror, you see a blood-red pimple staring right into your soul. Now that you think about it, your skin's been breaking out – bad. Acne, oil, dryness, and hyperpigmentation all lock your confidence behind the walls of your home. Our organic skin care products online are just the remedy you need. Radiant. Hydrated. Rosy. Restore your skin with botanical products that contain the best organic Caribbean ingredients. Cleanse, soften, and moisturise your gorgeous skin using our selection of cremes, toners, oils, serums, face washes, and more. Rebuild your self-worth as our formulas tackle your breakouts, blackheads, and pimples with ease.
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Our new baby care product line is entirely organic and features traditional plant botanicals our grand parents used when taking care of little ones. The new range consists of 4 different products for your little darling that are made using ingredients certified by ECOCERT as safe to use in baby care. We work hard to give you products that help to lessen the worry about the content of your baby's toiletry range. Our packaging is made with Green PE and is fully recyclable.
Our innovative products are for foodies—if you love cooking at home, gathering for family meal time or enjoying a good meal out with a great condiment then Flauriel Foods is for you. We always use fresh, simple ingredients, minimally process everything, have all natural and clean labels, and use cold pressed manufacturing to lock in ultimate flavor. Our products are versatile, nutrients dense, plant-based, have a long shelf life, and most of all, are delicious. Flauriel Foods offers vegan condiments, wines, beverages, teas, Caribbean treats and more for the modern cook. Our products are carefully curated for meal prep and enjoyment and offer healthy alternatives for family enjoyment. Packed with nutrition we formulate the traditional way to ensure maximum nutritional retention. Our vegan line of products are dairy free and sodium free. We also offer products for diabetics.

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