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Empowering Youth and Women Entrepreneurs: My Journey to WIPO's Intellectual Property Training in Geneva

I still can't believe it; I've been chosen to participate in the prestigious WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Training, Mentoring, and Matchmaking Program on Intellectual Property for Women Entrepreneurs from Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that promises to be transformative not just for me, but for the 19 other incredible women from diverse corners of the globe who share this honor.
As an advocate for youth and women empowerment and a passionate entrepreneur deeply connected to my roots, this program speaks volumes to me. It's more than just a trip to Geneva; it's a chance to connect, learn, and grow alongside women who are catalysts for change in their communities.
One of the key objectives of this program is to equip us with the knowledge and tools to leverage intellectual property protection for our brands, creations, and cultural assets. For many of us, this means safeguarding traditional knowledge, recipes, and crafts that have been passed down through generations. These aren't just recipes or products; they're part of our heritage, and we want to ensure they are respected and protected.
Understanding how intellectual property rights can shield our creations is crucial. It's not just about preserving our culture; it's about shaping the future of our businesses. Whether it's a secret family recipe or a unique artisanal craft, we'll learn how to navigate the complex world of patents, trademarks, geographical indicators and copyrights. This knowledge will not only shield our work from exploitation but also open up opportunities for us to thrive in the global marketplace.
Women advocating for empowerment of indigenous groups
The prospect of meeting these inspiring women from different corners of the world was exhilarating. I wasn't disappointed. We shared our stories, learnt from each other's journeys, and collectively empowered and inspires each and I am sure are taking back our renewed drive to women and girls in our communities. It's shaping up not just a training program; but a global sisterhood determined to make a difference.
This journey to Geneva has not just been about personal growth; it is about taking our communities and our businesses to new heights. Armed with the knowledge of intellectual property protection, we will shape the future of our companies and ensure that our heritage is preserved for generations to come. I can't wait to continue to embark on this remarkable adventure, and I'll be sure to share the invaluable lessons and experiences gained from this program with my community. Together, we'll forge a path toward a brighter, more empowered future for women entrepreneurs worldwide.

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