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Flauriel Foods participates in Specialty & Fine Foods Fair London

It was a leap of faith this year as we try to re-grow following the covid-19 pandemic which saw our income streams disappearing overnight. The effects of wide spread closures could have very easily dealt us a mortal blow. But we survived. Now we are focusing on regrowing our business, expanding into new markets and making our brands recognizable in gourmet spaces worldwide!

It has been our dream for a few years now to participate in an international food fair with our vegan food brand as the focus. This year we got to achieve this step thanks to the sponsorship and support by the Caribbean Export Development Agency.

We applied for and were accepted into a 10 month long "Get ready to export to the EU/UK Market" program at the end of which we were afforded the opportunity to put those new found skills to use.

Flauriel Foods set up at the Specialty & Fine Foods Fair London 2022

We spent a week immersed into the UK market visiting big distributors and specialty shops, speaking with industry leaders and customers alike finding out where we can be situated based on the market and what customers think of our products.

We came back home with more than just potential leads but also bursting with ideas of what we can do not just to grow our business but the business of others around us.

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