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Why we love cold process soaps

Cold Process Soap

Anastasha Elliott CEO of Sugar Town Organics making cold process soap

At Sugar Town Organics under our Yaphene brand, we craft cold process soap. This means that the only heat generated in the soap-making process is caused by a chemical reaction between the fatty acid (plant oils and butter) and the acid-base, rather than by an external heat source like commercial mass-produced soap bars.

Making soaps with natural yet simple ingredients, including plant material such as herbs and spices. We often pull on various herbal folklore and old remedies of our family. Cold process soap is our preferred way of making healthy soaps that nourish the skin. It has taken us quite some time to ensure we formulate soaps that lather quite readily to the satisfaction of our customers. We hope you love them as much as we do.

What is Cold Process Soap?

Freshly poured cold process soap by Yaphene

Cold process soap is basically a salt. It follows a simple process of water, acid, and fats (oils and plant butter) at its core. Through this process called saponification -  glycerol is released, the fats (oils and butter) are neutralized into a salt. The glycerol converts into glycerin and the acid (sodium hydroxide) is neutralized with none remaining in the final product creating a healthy bar for use.

Benefits of Cold Process Soap

  1. During the saponification process of soap making glycerin is produced. Glycerin is responsible for a creamy and smooth texture that allows nutrients to penetrate deep into our skin. Its creation and presence in our soap bars leave the skin feeling fresh and clean. Don't you agree?
  2. Yaphene soaps are superfatted meaning between 5% - 7% of oils are left in the bars during the soap making process making each bar hydrating for the skin
  3. Cold process soap is indeed known for its silkiness. Owing to the use of olive oil. Easily altered for a lighter touch to create a nourishing lather for a truly luxurious bathing experience.
  4. It has no added detergent and so won't strip the skin of its natural oils when done right
  5. Cold process soaps are healthier for the environment and for your skin and can aid in the reduction of itchy skin issues that can be caused by hard water.
  6. Powerful and natural the benefits of natural soap-making ingredients like natural oils and butter. They can be lost through the heating process in hot process soap techniques. The cold process method ensures these natural ingredients are better preserved.
  7. Due to the use of unadulterated oils such as the wide range of plant oils that exist you can expect rich, soft lather from cold process bars when done right.
  8. We prefer the use of essential oils in our soap making because they bring their aromatherapy benefits to our soaps which can help improve relaxation, increase energy, disinfect, jump-start skin healing, and improve skin.

Cold processed soap-making allows consumers to get the best out of their soap. At Sugar Town Organics our mission is to ensure that each bar of soap delivers maximum health benefits.

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