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Basic Natural Hair Care Routine Sugar Babes!



Natural Hair

A natural hair care routine is simply the steps and products you use to maintain healthy hair and retain length. The goal of having a good solid hair care regimen is to promote moisture in the hair, which minimizes hair damage or breakage.

Creating a simple and flexible natural hair care routine that works best for your hair is essential in catering to its ever-changing needs. Here is what you need to build a simple healthy hair care routine.


A healthy hair care routine/regime can involve a lot of different products. This leads to a build-up of the products on your scalp and in your hair. To maintain healthy hair, your scalp needs to breathe and your hair needs to be clean.

Since curly and coily hair tends to be drier compared to other types of hair, using chemical-free cleansers like sulfate-free shampoos prevents rapid loss of moisture. Depending on your hair, washing weekly or bi-weekly is recommended.


Conditioners can be classified into 3 categories, which are all important to incorporate into your day-to-day hair care routine. The more your hair tends to get dry, the more you should condition the hair.

Rinse Out Conditioner: This is a conditioner you use weekly or every two weeks when your hair is wet. It hydrates your hair, makes it easier to detangle, and less prone to frizz.

Leave-In Conditioner: Apply a lightweight, water-based leave-in conditioner to slightly wet hair after cleansing and just before your style. It replenishes and maintains moisture in your hair.

Deep Conditioner /Hair Mask: This is an intensively nourishing and moisturizing treatment. You leave the treatment in your hair for a certain amount of time, then rinse it out. Hair masks and deep conditioners help nourish, hydrate, and define your curls.


Since natural hair is prone to dryness, breakage, and tangling, moisture should be your hair's best friend. Depending on your hair porosity, you may need moisture less frequently or every day.

Methods to moisturize your hair include steaming, using a refresher spray, and daily leave-in. The LOC (leave-in, Oil, Cream) and LCO (leave-in, Cream, Oil) are also excellent for moisturizing natural hair. Using a sealer, such as oil will ensure moisture does not escape, keeping your hair moisturized throughout.

Style and protect

Protective styles help protect your hair from breakage or damage from daily hair manipulation like over-styling or over-combing. Styles you can use include braids, twists, wigs, or Bantu knots.

Protective Hair Style

Ensure the styles you go for are not too tight to reduce tension on your scalp. When wearing a protective style, avoid the buildup of product and dirt. It is also important to cover hair with a satin bonnet when you sleep to protect your hair.



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